PeopleSoft Application Class Basics

What is a PeopleSoft Application Package?

The top most level of an Application in PeopleSoft is the Application Package. An Application Package is a container for one or more Application Classes. Application Packages should only contain Application Classes that are related to each other based on purpose or similar functionality.

What is a PeopleSoft Application Class?

An Application Class is equivalent to an object in Object Oriented Design. If you have never done OO programming think about this analogy. An object tries to represent a possible real world object in an abstract way. You wouldn’t build a house without first creating a blueprint of where everything would go. An architect might in fact have several blue prints detailing where electrical will be placed and wires run. Conversely another blue print might show where piping will run. Keep in mind the blue print is NOT the house it is only a representation of the house an Application Class is similar. There are a few things that need to happen before we have a house:

  1. A house must be constructed(created/instantiated)
  2. The various systems and processes must happen in a particular order(i.e. you can’t have walls without a basement or foundation)
  3. The attributes of the house must be agreed upon (i.e. the color of walls, the type/color of flooring etc.).

An Application Class has everything necessary to build the object it represents.

In some respect a simple application class can appear on the surface to be similar to a function.

  1. A function declared in PeopleCode to prepare it to be used. An application class can “import” and then “create” a class to prepare it to be used.
  2. Then you run a function by calling it to do some work and passing some parameters.  Application Classes you either pass parameters in a constructor or you set properties/attributes.
  3. Functions can return values once complete. Application classes can return values or change values of their properties.

Basic Example of PeopleCode Application Classes

Create a Function

Create an Application Class

Call the Function

Call the Application Class