These are links to my current and past projects. Some I work on as side projects others are just ones that I am really proud to have been a part of.

Pledge Monster

Pledge Monster is a collaboration with a colleague of mine. We want to create a platform for Parent Teacher Organizations to collect more for their fundraisers. Pledge Monster has a little brother called Donatezilla that is a slimmed down version focusing on Volunteer Fire Departments and local Lions Clubs


Another collaboration to make scoring at race tracks less complicated.

Capacity Counter

This was just a fun little project to mess around with SignalR. Free to use capacity counter for your business.


 SharpShip is a C# wrapper library to make accessing the UPS API easier. See the documentation for more information. SharpShip validates postal addresses using UPS api. You make the call and it returns a valid address or not. This is an open source project hosted here or just get the  NuGet package! are sites that I started to track cornhole leagues. It includes a handicap option to allow the league manger to use handicap and scores to place teams. I am really excited about this one. We integrated BlogEngine and MVCForum to make this a pretty seamless experience. My partner and I hope this will become the eminent place for the sport. Recently adding in some supporting sites like and to gain some additional exposure to the site.

Catholic Children’s Bible Match Game

This is an matching game for the iPad I did for a previous employer. This was my first time developing an app of any sort. I did a lot of research on how to build apps and settled on Xamarin (at the time Mono Develop) to create it.
Let Us Remember App
Another app I made for a previous employer. It was my second attempt at an app, this time for the Google play store and on the iPhone as well. Xamarin again to the rescue. This time we share so much of the code across both platforms it was ridiculous. This one isn’t in the app store any longer, sorry 🙁

More to come as they happen.