I think what a person reads says mountains about the person. As a child I didn’t read a lot, it just didn’t interest me. I knew that was where the knowledge was, but never enjoyed the task of reading. In the last year I have found that reading is actually more enjoyable than it was in the past truthfully because I have found other ways to consume the content. I am honestly trying to read more. To get to my goal of reading more is to keep track using this reading list. At some point I will need to break these out in to different lists and maybe a reading list for each year.

Before this year I had a longer commute and I felt that I was wasting time during the drive. I figured out I could listen to audio books and multithread my time. ( Multithreading your life in this way is great. You get the benefit of using your time more wisely and effectively.) In the early part of 2015 I hava changed positions to a company closer to home. I still us the multithread method, but I just don’t get through a book as fast. This is still not bad because I am still working through my big list of things to read.

The reading list below is what I have read and would recommend as either inspirational, helpful, or just plain fun. I like biographies (in case you can’t tell) because I find successful people interesting. What did they do to make it big? What were they thinking? What were they prepared to do to be successful?

I decided to break this page out into sub-pages for each year. I wanted to be able to keep track of what I read each year, and then give useful reviews for each. Here is the start to my lists!