ASP.Net MVC DropDownListFor

During a site redesign I was looking to add in a dynamic dropdown list of items. I would think this would be pretty straight forward in MVC, but there are some things to be aware of. I found this article from K.Scott Allen on The article is extremely helpful in getting an ASP.Net MVC  dropdownlistfor to work. One thing I did notice was an error in one line of the code. I am not sure if it is because of the version of MVC I am using or what but just wanted to put this out there just in case someone else runs into the same issue I had.

I followed the post to the letter, but was getting an error on the view.

The issue was I needed to use something like this:

As you can see I needed to add the “new SelectList” to the parameter. Not really sure if this was an error or if it is something I am doing incorrectly in the server code. This took me a little bit to track down what the actual issue was. This may seem pretty simple for some, but want to put it out there for anyone who may have a similar issue.

Hope this helps.