Apple App Checklist

I recently published an iPad app to the iTunes store. This was a four month process just to build, but then after a week of waiting for Apple we were rejected. We had infringed on a copyright with the name of our app. I was glad Apple was checking on this, as it was the last thing in my mind to check. We also needed to have a parental control. Because our app linked to a web site and was built for children. This is a requirement from Apple as of this year. These were pretty simple fixes and again I was glad that Apple did the checking for us. What they didn’t check and has become very obvious was the quality of our app. Even with the screen shots it is obvious the app in the store doesn’t match what is pictured. This is prompting me to create a check list of all the things that went wrong with the app so the same mistakes are not made in future apps. This is a short list, but will probably grow as I publish more apps and gain more experience. Some of these may sound pretty simple and easy, but I overlooked them and pushed out my app. You want the customer experience to be the best that it can be so check and double check all of these.

Here we go:

  1. All images are set to “content” in the properties.
  2. Remove unnecessary images from the app.( you want your app to load quickly and if there are extra images this will slow things down.
  3. Check your copyrights. There really is an entire list of guidelines that Apple does follow and if you violate one of them it will get rejected.
  4. If you app is for children there are additional restrictions you should be aware of. Check out Apples App Store Review Guidelines

There will be more as I go, but these are some of the ones I have run into.