MonoTouch animated splash screen

My current position allows me to build lots of things using various technologies. The most recent is build mobile applications using Monotouch and tools developed by Xamarin. For anyone who is familiar with C# and wants to get into mobile app development, please check out Xamarin. They have a huge community and sold out their very first conference with over 650 developers attending.

In developing the app I found using the tools pretty intuitive and learning the code was really just learning a new library and life cycle. One thing I did struggle with was creating that really cool splash screen that most apps have. The tools provide a way for you to add a static image for the splash, but really no animation. After several days of Googleing and coming up with very little to help to figure out how to this.

I had resolved to do this by playing a video as my first screen of the app. Then controlling if the video played again or not. This was the best that I came up with and if anyone is interested I can post the code. I would be open to other ways of creating this animated splash screen so please comment or send me a message.