Create a jQuery slideshow using database and a repeater in ASP.Net using

I needed to create a slideshow with jQuery in an ASP.Net page. I knew I could do it with a callback to the server, but this really seemed like a waste of resources. I didn’t really want to be calling the server every 10 seconds just to update. I wanted to get the information and I needed then just have jQuery loop through it. I searched for a while and found several ways to do this with static panels. The problem was I didn’t always know how many I items I would have and there may be extra information stored in a database that I would need to display.

Here is how I did it:

I used the repeater to display all of the images. I could then jsut bind the data to the repeater and make only one trip to the server.

Ok then from there I just bound my data to the repeater on the page load. Then the jQuery to make it all happen: