Change the “forgot password” wording page of DotNetNuke

This is an old post I had on another blog. I was going through and old version of this blog and discovered that it has had several hits. I am also trying to consolidate these two blogs into one. So here it is again.
If your like me you don’t use some things in DotNetNuke the way that they are intended. Or maybe you just want to make it a little user friendlier. We use DotNetNuke just for the content management and not really to handle subscriptions. Our users do not register to use the site they are setup by an administrator, but we wanted users to be able to retrieve their password from the site without the need for an administrator. The default wording for the “Forgot Password?” says:

“You can request your password by providing your User Name and the Password will be sent to the email address you provided during registration.”

This isn’t very friendly, and really confusing if you didn’t register to use the site. So here is the hack to make this a little less confusing.

As usual this is a modification to the core DotNetNuke code and if you do not feel comfortable modifying the code you probably shouldn’t. Also DotNetNuke does not recommend that you modify the core code as each time you upgrade the code these changes will need to be made to the upgrade code. Also you should modify this at your own risk and I assume no responsibility for the modifications to the DotNetNuke code. You may want to document the changes to the code so you have a way change them back if needed.

The is actually really simple. In the core code before you install it or in the upgrade code before you upgrade. Locate the SendPassword.ascx.resx in the following path {yoursite}/admin/Security/App_LocalResources.

Open the file in your favorite editor. Use the find function in the editor and locate the following data “SendPasswordHelp.Text” Here you will find the value is the same as above. Change the wording in between the value tags to what ever you choose and save the file.

Install or upgrade the site as usual and test the changes. If there didn’t take effect you may not have saved the file. Feel free to comment on the post or check out my other posts.