What fishing line to use.

Took my kids fishing today. We have a couple of polls that are less than spectacular. One is probably 10-15 years old, the other I actually caught while on another fishing trip a year ago. (That is another story.) I also purchased a new pole last year as well so we have three polls for myself, my daughter and my son.

The first two poles being older I decided to change the line on them and since I was changing the others I would change the new pole too. A co-worker advised I try a braided type of line. It would be stronger and less prone to breaking should I hook “the big one”.

Something that is important the first two reels are normal casting reels. Zebco or something like that. The third is a spinning reel. I changed the lines on all three reels. Then proceeded to take my kids out fishing without testing the rods. So if you are keeping track that was mistake number two. (The first was taking the advice of a co-worker and not researching the type of line I was putting on the reels.)

So to make a long story longer…

I took the kids out fishing to one of our favorite spots. (On what is so far the hottest day of summer.) My daughter was the first to try and cast. After only casting it out about 2 feet the line snagged inside the reel. Thinking it was tanggled at the end of the pole I checked the end of the pole. After a few minutes of untaggeling, I tried to cast it out. Still only about 2 feet would come out of the reel. I could pull it out myself, but trying to cast was a nightmare. Then my son tried and the same thing happened. After several minutes of working on my sons pole I then decided to try my spinner reel. This worked like a dream. I could cast and reel in the line just fine, but the line would tangle very easily. The second thing I noticed about this line is that it was very difficult to see, even on the white ground. The particular line was a mossy green color.

So the moral of the story. First research what ever advice you get from a co-worker. Probably better advice, research ANY advice you get from ANYONE. Second, test everything before you use it!