public synonym

Public Synonyms in Oracle PL/SQL

Public Synonyms By creating a Public Synonym you allow the user to reference the table name without using the schema owner prefixed on the record name (i.e. SYSADM.PS_VENDOR). This also eliminates the need to perform an ALTER SESSION  command. Example:

How to find tables that do not have a public synonym. Use the following example […]

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Combine Sub Queries in Oracle PL/SQL

Combine Sub Queries in Oracle PL/SQL Separate Sub Queries Most of us do this when we need the most effective date with the most effective sequence.

Combined Sub Queries

This reduces the number of lookup operations the database has to do to one instead of the two in the previous example.

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PeopleSoft Application Class Basics

What is a PeopleSoft Application Package? The top most level of an Application in PeopleSoft is the Application Package. An Application Package is a container for one or more Application Classes. Application Packages should only contain Application Classes that are related to each other based on purpose or similar functionality. What is a PeopleSoft Application […]

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